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Tyler Sears Band - Gypsy WifeTyler Sears Band - Gypsy Wife 

Our single Gypsy Wife

Release date: February 12, 2021


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The Tyler Sears Band is centered around its namesake, singer and songwriter Tyler Sears, who wanted a band to play his songs live and take the show on the road. “My music mostly is about my life, my experiences, my interactions with people,” Tyler says, “but it can also be about things that I see in the news or things happening in life, maybe not happening to me but something that I felt moved me and thought that I could write a song about.”


The Tyler Sears Band is all about the songs. Tyler started writing songs as soon as he started playing guitar, and over the last 20 years continued to write almost every day, building up a stack of notebooks filled with page after page of scribbled and crossed out and revised lyrics. The songs are about things that happen in everyday life, love, heartbreak, and drama. When asked what he would like to leave as his legacy, Tyler says “If I have touched people with my music, where people can go OK you know what, that song meant so much to me, I think that would be the greatest gift to have because it's just an honor to think that I could touch somebody’s soul with my music.”


When asked what song changed is life, Tyler replied “I think Black by Pearl Jam.  Black changed my life because I just think it's the best song in the whole wide world and it just sums up my teenage years - the few good ones I had - and it just changed the way I wrote songs and it changed so much for me. It’s such an awesome song.” When asked about his influences, Tyler says “I'd have to say probably the most influential artist for me was Axl Rose. I wanted to be him, I wanted his writing style I just thought was the best. I was totally in love with Guns ‘n Roses.”


The music of the Tyler Sears Band combines a wide range of influences, from country (Brad Paisley, Lucinda Williams) to blues (Colin James, Ben Harper) to rap (Everlast, DJ Kahled) to rock (Guns ‘n Roses, Glorious Sons, Pearl Jam), to mention a view. “I am very eclectic,” says Tyler, “and I like to think that I like all different types of music, you know, and in one session I can listen to country or rock and roll to hardcore rap to a ballad, a love song ballad, and stuff like that. Love me some ballads. Right?” Right!


Since forming, the Tyler Sears Band has been playing in and around Saskatoon. The band plays mostly originals, but also does covers of songs by the Tragically Hip, John Mellencamp and the late 1960s Rolling Stones.



  • “My songs are inspired by life and people who are in worse places than I am in, emotionally, spiritually, and figuratively” - Tyler Sears


  • ”Our goal is to do what we love and for the world to discover and experience my music which hopefully they will also enjoy” - Tyler Sears


  • "Like we’d said about the TYLER SEARS BAND before, they are what you’re looking for is you want some FUN! Blues, dipped in bad-ass story telling, all comes into a sharp pin-point when they are projected by the vocals of Tyler Sears. Just listening to his voice makes you just want to get up. And dance. The best you can. Smiles abound. Taking the hand of the girls next to you. Loving every minute of each slide guitar moves and notes. What is better than that in a night’s outing??" -




February 20, 2021 - Buds on Broadway, Saskatoon, Saturday jam, host band





 October 3, 2020 - Buds on Broadway, Saskatoon, Saturday jam, host band

October 14, 2020 - Buds on Broadway, Saskatoon 

November 21, 2020 - Buds on Broadway, Saskatoon, Saturday jam, host band

 December 5, 2020 - Buds on Broadway, Saskatoon

 December 13, 2020 - Buds on Broadway, Saskatoon, Sunday jam, host band



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